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during the second year. These cases, when well marked, have been

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and 1 in the uterus. The writer has seen a case in which a leg was ampu-

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the base of the cones, and contrasting in | of the symptoms in a case analogous to the

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proportion — and be no evidence whatever of the cha-

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to reinoculation with material containing the virus of measles (Table

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tumors is very common, and although not very danger-

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these words which he is continually bringing out, or, indeed, any other

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and beside other things, he said, speaking of the old Code, that it did not really for-

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In support of which opinions, the following arguments are

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short space of time inflammation of the tubuli recti and collecting tubes is ob-

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levels of von Willebrand factor (vWF) antigen, a product of

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Case V. — J. H., male, white, aged fifty-flve, locomotive engineer, was ad-

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francs besides for every patient cured. Of 795 children,

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to offer the treatment for diseases you are able to supply

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eyes, best seen on looking to right. Pupils good. Scoliosis: Affecting

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roth . . . Stuttg., 1892, l(i:!-122. Also: "Wien. klin. Wchn-

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the powder cannot be used to obtain the benefit of the other in-

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of the materia medica, by showing that each corporeal symptom

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fluid on standing shows a high number of degenerate cells) and the dilut-

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The persistence of pupils who are at all prepared to do the work is

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with tolerable clearness the limits of the injury, suppuration ensues,

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to biologists, but to investigators in all branches of medicine. The sweep-

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These nodes resolve in two or three weeks under appropriate treatment.