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was saved by raising the epiglottis, when air rushed in, and breathing was esta-

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national seaports, airports, and land border points

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Dr. Joseph C. Beck has been appointed pathologist and

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Sylvian artery — a predilection especially marked in embolism.

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half of the right ear, the central artery of the ear passing through the middle of

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lung. They become vascular and form white fibrous tissue,

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hospital. On examination a large tumour was found projecting into the

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were found practically meeting in the midline of the abdomen and

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tinence of urine, produced by paralysis of the muscles of the perineum

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various experiments in medical legislation, proposed or already

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ligament of the ankle or tears off the tip of the mal-

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States: Public health issues in the use of years of potential life lost. MMWR 1986; 35

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however, seldom so frequent as this. They come up from the sea-

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detachment weakens the woman and injures the powers

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may be a complex of symptoms characterized by^ a spe-

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reflex irritation from the condition of the ovaries, and in-

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time determines the amount of his pension ; but this was done

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ties, which act as diaphoretics or diuretics. To illus-

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after reception, and the other within six weeks. These facts, the Medical