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pital.) — Susan Horton, colored, aged twenty-two years, single,

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douches; some recommend curettage, others decry it;

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relatively to the size and number of the spaces which it invests. The

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His idea was, as a rule, to operate after the acute attack

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two large cephalic hooks, which are inserted into the mucous

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a topic of infinite interest. The peculiar craving or longing after

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fected. In a second case, reported by M. D'Arsonval,

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The triphenylhalogenmethanes were subjected to the action of various metals,

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and it would be a great hardship to them if, after having

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irregular and intermittent, but not excessively weak or thready. He

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Diseases of the Eye in Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis. By H.Wilson, F.R.C.S.,

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intensity, but the fact that it Is probably going far to

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drawing of the scissors, the different shapes of the dissecting knives, the

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upon which it was supposed that the purity of the air

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halations of belladonna,! stramonium, chloroform, J nitrite

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Dr. Barnes certainly has not proved that the chloroform is chargeable with

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of the pedicle, rupture, haemorrhage, and suppuration ; abortion

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the radical abdominal operation for carcinoma of the uterus.

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