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peritonitis, and something m<ye. The patient must abstain from

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tion in advising a resort to it in properly selected instances, both from

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ulcer, eczema, oedema, or weakness of a varicose limb seri-

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to year, and endeavors to select those who will be- best fitted

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diamin intravenously and noticed a marked indophenol-blue coloration

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ticks hatched from infectious eggs received from the Bureau of

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From this air of boasting, which it requires no second sight to discover,

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sils, palate or the pharynx. Sore throat accompanies many diseases

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would be unfortunate, and the uterine appendages were

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is most affected, the appetite soon fails, rumination ceases, and

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the hepatic region with recurring attacks of fever, characterized by

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tity of urea excreted daily by the kidneys should not

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Pneumonia and pleurisy both occur. There is nothing

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Thus, then, we can account for the aphasia so often met with in these case* bj

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sodium and potassium loss are usually related to volume

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incubation stage, some giving as short as twenty-four hours, others as

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The thin plate of bone that forms the tegmen is itself easily pene-

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from hah an hour to an hour after the poison has bee 0 mAei XI

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phosia; O. D. light perception only; O. S. H. with Ast. He

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tion; and, from the first, found it difficult to appreciate the real

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England were noted by Shattuch (another American pupil of

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that of taste must depend upon the rate of vibration of gase-

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arsacetin are used. Internally the dose for adults is 0.05 grm.

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Three p.m. — Passed an immense rice-water dejection to the amount of

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adjacent to the orbit, or pus may make its way through the roof of the

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IS'.Ki, xiv, 417-420. . K vopiosu ob izaliwliivunii pre-

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13 scarcely a famHy inhabiting a single room in the

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syphilis, thus first proposing a true germ theory. But the confirmation of

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that they shall require the marriage contract to be drawn up in