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of the walls, hyperostosis or rarefaction of the air-cells
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The pathology of appendicitis which interests us is not only
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give instructions to tlie executive committee to have a
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is taken out of the blood by the glomeruli (by filtration),
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brought late to Hospital, some unvaceinated — in short, a most
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The case was of interest from the stand-point of diag-
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tion of tlie sloughs, and the healing process went on slowly
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have been in the habit of feeling that when we have thour-
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ular laboratories into the clinical analysis of patients with
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All these cases are authentic and must not be omitted.
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with frothy mucus and perhaps with fluids which have
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and be fed on nutritious and easily digested food. A good tonic
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119 died. 15 years and upwards, 185 cases, and n deaths.
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(F.) Die angeborenen Lidkolobome und ilire Beziehung
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February 22-25— Health/Life Planning: Caring for the Difficult Pa-
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common occurrence even in the case of the child-bearing.
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surgery into new regions, but that is a very imperfect
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size, and divides. Thus in a few hours millions re-
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laTdk'a tory. Exoeltent facilities. Will pay travel ahdVnoving expenses.
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Yet one by one we must all move on through the narrow
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disease. The former is characterized by a pulse below 48 beats p)er minute.
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contain the infective material. "A certain percentage of the
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Habland, William, >r.D., at Scarborough, aged 79. on April P.
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all of which the forceps were seldom used, and in some of the latter not
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Law and Medicine, these special schools are naturally sought
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fever, except that there are more depression and headache, and greater
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be had to the type of the child under correction. The objection to such
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latina, had occurred in the house during the preceding nine months.
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expand more i'reely the oj)posite lung. To tliis rule, however, there are ex-
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both legs, two inches from the insertion of the muscles
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fails to menstruate because she is unhealthy." Now, what
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lasted for six months. A second similar attack came on a
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Mr, President: I certainly riffe with a great deal of cheer-
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