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•been a man of powerful intellect and versatile character, possibly
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are: (1) The Parkinsonian syndrome (which the author very
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rates do not fairly represent the weekly mortality : —
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shrink. Calmette has frequently tested hypochlorite
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ceived a Bjork-Shiley mitral valve replacement in 1971 for
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otiifr pulmonary affectionfl, in his work entitled Physical Exploration of the Chest
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and twenty-five grains of common salt mixed with food already salted in
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times from the absence of any history as to the origin of the patient's attack,
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room, as a stimulus to the exertions of your young students, in the
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it excites the system, renders the pulse full, and gives addi-
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ud other stimulants are indicate<l in proportion as the action of the heart
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Formula. In his various surgical procedures, Dr. Schleich finds the
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diagnosis clear. In. intercostal neuralgia tbere are no constitutional
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endeavour to suit the phenomena of diseases and the cure of them
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methods to the clinical diagnosis of typhoid fever.
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misings as to the effect of dietetic causes in originating dis-
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cells swell and press upon the bile capillaries,, and thus ob-
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University of Toronto in 1875. Soon after graduating he
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ised myelitis,"' attributing to it all the rapid onset, acute course, and de-
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1 Nageli, Blutkrankheiten und Blutdiagnostik, Leipzig, Veit, 1908.
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tendency to gangrene and decomposition of the extfavasate, the
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Matthews, Major W. S. H., brigade-surgeon; Gilbert L. Pray'
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both use and recommend the use of mercury and the iodids
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Contact: Lonnie L. Crane, 112 North Woods Street, Philippi, WV 26416.
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