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when the family moved to Spartanburg in June, 1914. The attack of pellagra

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ing upon them, is impairment of voluntary movement and sensation ; the

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tically or theoretically, will be exceedingly disappointed.

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ffave his testimony as follows : The patient, who was

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Cultures from this gave pneumococci. Staphylococcus albus, the coryzae

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as it emerges from the vagina. The quinin is injected in the

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New York. The topics considered are fluorescence, phosphor-

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available for assimilation by species of this genus than the sugars.

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nystagums. The Wassermann reaction had not been taken.

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ment in the number of bacteria over the same lymphs

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not destroy growth it will be necessary to remove the haw; but

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desiccation of the individual there is a concentration of the blood

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adjacent to the orbit, or pus may make its way through the roof of the

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the study of disease, and of the influence exercised

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this Society, were present at the operation, as was Dr.

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but is sometimes sanious and offensive. Gangrene has been observed,

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During the war 35 Medical officers were also wounded in

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the length of the cord, with a line of inflammatory

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cular care or attention, but pursued his usual avocations within doors add

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of the two disorders. The serum contained in these septa possesses an

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Dr. Fred £. Sutherland! of Janes ville read a paper on The Differential

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It must be thoroughly understood that an attempt to rape may

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think that you are better, but think it early and often

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assume its correctness. I can only account for the opinion of observers that

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every veterinary surgeon when called to attend a cow found to be

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show an unsuspected power tehind this primeval circu-

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not a drop at alcohol, yet it satisfies the drunkard's