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divide their roots with the knife. The ligature has usually been applied

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Times, 1887, i, 1-3. — Ilo<Ii;<>8 (F. .1.) Coutinuous sub-

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ture. By Robert C. Kenner, A.M., M.D. Detroit, Mich.: George

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Act is a great conception inadequately carried out. In-

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2. Similar attacks, usually witliout convulsions, in which the ventricu-

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and if a focus of infection be found it should be removed ; if infected

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the swelling diminished. Pulse 105. No dejection having occurred for

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is usually spasmodic; sometimes mild, at other times severe,

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from electrolysis; but this case satisfied me that it could be

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however, decidedly modified this conviction. Soon after the opera-

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received as a truth. This belief has been acted on in India, and

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ported by Dr. Westcott, in which the most striking feature

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importance, trichiniasis, diphtheria, spotted or petechial

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The occipital lobe need not detain us long. "We will merely

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bleeding granulations it is quicker and better than the copper.* Gener-

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at the time I did not anticipate reporting them. However, the cases are so

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changes in curricular content and form. This we expect to complete during

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the joint and no bony changes. Tenderness and redness may be

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Antoiiiiitit! des Siiiigeripr-Herzens. 40 pp., 2 ].

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base the gyrus rectus, the olfactory lobe, and the inferior

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Pectoralis major ( ' 5-(» 1 Adduction, downwarl and forward