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system like alcohol : but as a liquid it cannot be regarded as an active poison.
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tissue, and two layers of muscular fibres ; the one layer being dis-
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from an acute febrile attack, temperature 103^ F., pulse
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stand overnight in ice chest. Next morning filtered through gauze.
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form of folliculitis, special to the scrofulo-tuberculous, but it is not entirely
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selves confronted with almost universally dangerous filth disposal sys-
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that from the outer surface of the thigh was studded with
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liable to noma. Most often, however, it is secondary to measles; it may afao
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tympani) ; in the left ear the membrana tympani was
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the student is left to make out the conditions observed, without
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At the outset the germination of the spores is somewhat delayed, but
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affection ; at least, she has been annoyed for about that length
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in all respects resembles them. It is poured forth less by an ordinary
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self. '* (4) By the use of a certain drug or drugs we can produce general ana-
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at least a summary of all the aspects of the subjects of which it
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and gentleness, several other veins were ruptured. I
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equal weight. The smallest number of cheeses were those exposed at
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reviewer blames Dr. Kiichenmeister for following me in giving
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closely resemble those of Hippocrates, and by the soundness
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it had been maintained. In the third case, which had been
consequences of his own behavior, and to accept re-
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immovable as marble ; trembling spells become more frequent, and always accompanied by aa
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only a short time before the operation can be commenced. Often
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the arrival of new matter in the blood-vessels may instantly con-
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pai-ietal bones only slightly developed ; the eyes were
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form must be filled out again and again, on a periodic
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right is undoubtedly correct, and is to be compared to the equally frequent
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chouc, nevertheless there are cases in which this new
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