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shortness of breath or palpitation. The temperature also

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spinal abscesses, but may be most useful in some abscesses of

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given; if granted, it is invalid for removing criminal imputa-

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creased by supplying more water, a continuous blowing sound can be

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which there is no doubt ; but we cannot explain why the

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the germs of these diseases are sown in the discharges of

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The first case of pyelitis I ever saw to recognize was seen in consul-

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was published by Mr. Spurgin, of Saffron Walden. It

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been allowed to drop back into the abdominal cavity,

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useful when red hepatization has resulted, for then already arterial

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The insanities are most of them not amenable to curative

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manifestations of a severe toxaemia. We should first of all think of

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more dreadful than the leprosy of our country. This

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cine (Medical Schools of the West). West J Med 1984; 140:803-81 1

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1990). Morphine has no greater dependence liability than

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habitually lead to any more serious disturbance. Albuminuria can depend,

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intravenous injection. It is doubtful how much good hydrate of chloral,

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work of this sort is exceedingly profitable. — Michigan Monthly

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What we have said shows how much importance we attach to a cor-

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by Applications of Escharotic Paste (London Paste).

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with medicine. Indeed, for the cure of pellagra the only medicine wo

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in pericarditis is the most distinctive sign. Pericarditis

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