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which (if any exist) the evidence hitherto accepted is

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tilage very distinctly just at the inner margin of the patella, attached at

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George H. Thomas, Ga., and will proceed to Fort Wood for duty, to

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heart, while the atmospheric pressure remains the same ; and the reason

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quantity of blood supplied to, or taken up by, the active myocardium,

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of distilled water and strain through muslin to make

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be readily put back, but yet the passage in the intes-

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tion of the Sanitary and Quarantine Convention had,

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active treatment ; promptly results in destructive organic change ; the latter,

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temperature ; but this will be still more evident in study ing the

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for Syme's Amputation. — By J. Hutcliinson (illustrated).

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essential elements of certain diseases, and of those which they possess in

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hollow brick walls, with stone trimming for the doors

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one of the great dangers in pyrexia, viz., failure of the heart's action. The

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cerebro-spinal ganglia. Very often the vomiting is not preceded by nau-

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April last in the hope of diminishing the pains in the

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sli^tly retracted, and on it occur irregular white nodules varying in size from that of a

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ment was often contraindicated by reason of the pain and

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having seven principal and twenty-eight ordinary Physicians

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ed. Patients in an advanced state of dropsy often rid

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as well as to the genito-urinary specialist, and it is from the

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or more calculi in an effort to void his urine- The present attack had

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wound and the fat was torn loose, anterior pressure being made

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course, be modified in time or degree by eccentric interference.

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debased by the improper influences of unprincipled manufact-

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