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she is able to help herself; the pulse is weak and the
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fell beneath the onslaughts of the great Macedonian ;
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Such was her actual state. And this was her history. She
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teau d'Yquem, or " other similar wine " we may offer them.
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gravity of their acts. The four lads were all between
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NORTON STRONG, M. D., Assistant Surgeon U. S. Army.
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Linville, W. C, Goldsboro, Univ. of Md., 1901 1901 1923
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anemic, with a yellowish, or light lemon color, tint to the
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are noted in the oral cavity, a portion should be removed by means
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cate and grant diplomas to these women, had been presented to
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Nor would I limit this desire for a change to the teachers.
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Clinic of Dr. Frederick Tice, Cook County Hospital.
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present, they have no retro-active. effect, and the statement that they have
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tient to stop work. When, on the other hand, he can get
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may be applied : Corrosive sublimate (gr. ij to an ounce of
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ligence. He remained in bed all that day, and by next day he was
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anevuasm became plain, and rapidly growing, the ex-
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should be extirpated as advocated twenty years since by
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there must be intermixtures, or as it were dilution. We cannot live
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Of 24 cases of tetany in young children, 22 showed definite rickets,
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Cases 55 and 56. — These again were brother and sister. They
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at liberty to vigorously question and verify; treating in public
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and the fearful mortality which always accompanies it, enable us to feel con-
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to establish a healthy basis for further operations, and
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with very encouraging results in pruritus. He gives 4 to 5
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hoped tliat there will be a large meeting of the friends of the In-
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blood " he tries to persuade himself that it is from the throat or from
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in the United States. Its cones or strobiles are the part used
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had considerable experience in hospital work, having been at
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enough has been said to call attention to this inter-
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dren till three or four weeks have elapsed and desquamation has ceased ;
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local. It is general, as applied to motion, when the poAver of volition
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The New York Medical Journal. July, August, September, 1866.
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expression? What are the conclusions to which they lead, as
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and the wound healed rapidly. On examination of the
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for they either make them as if they intended to roast those
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We have used, in the hospital, two kinds of oil, the pale and the brown oil.
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Functional paralyses may be referable to exhaustion from prolonged muscular
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urally occurring fluoride taken in proper concentra-
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spleen. The spleen itself was soft, of a loose spongy texture, and