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by presenting a paper on " The Action of Electricity on
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asylums for females at a distance from asylums for males when cir-
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and tonics have been employed ; the lesions, however, still persist.
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or three cases of this kind seen recently a peculiar form
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true ; but it is also a fact that comparatively little atten-
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utensils used for holding the serum, must be absolutely sterile, and
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approval of the Dean of the School or College concerned. In the case of students coming
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and blood-letting consists. By the latter measure, we almost always obtain a diminution of
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applied to the opposite clavicle, thus effectually invali-
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unfamiliar duties, the surgeon on the contrary is perfectly at home
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which was already fnll of leucocytes; and although it seems to be a fact that
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teaching on these important points is substantially correct, and Dr
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antrum was found to consist of 2 cavities, which communicated
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from a careless performance of a very common experiment
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or possibly, as some sujjgest, the excrementitious products of
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up. The patient would have gastric eructations and the next
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made in America, even in the training of females, but according
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of which they will confer a direct benefit upon every in-
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Figure 2 in the 1996 rate of death for babies led to
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of Horlick's malted milk in half a glass of hot water, well salted.
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Feeding in Typhoid Fever, with a Report of Cases. —
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abscess in the left groin, in another a f uU-gi-owu fcetus in an ad-
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tion, call Greene County Medical Society (Missouri) (417)
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sults of Antiseptic Symphyseotomy " (see this Jodr-
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One subject brought before the Association was the statue
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workman assured rae, <' that but for this circumstance the men would be ae