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was feeling much better. In February, 1911, she had a very severe attack of

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A falla<>y in statistics has been brought to our

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ing-named gentlemen to olHce at the annual meeting held on

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inspirations and to expire slowly. When the patient is weak and

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there were in Edinburgh and Olasgow, in 1855, 4372 married

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14 Irishmen in the fens of Lincolnshire, of whom 7 were attacked six-

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forth to cleanse the juvenile mind from the grosser impu-

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mentioned is not usually seen. But should the pulse become temporarily

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unimportant as regards treatment when the attack is severe.

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a pill with powdered nutmeg or other mild aromatic, may be

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ever, destroying the substance of the cerebellum itself. Such cases

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ensuing chronic endocarditis, and also increase the proportion of perfect re-

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poison is formed in the patient's own body, which is infected by a single

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pain, and especially the association of these two ele-

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narrates the plans which used to be adopted for its prevention in the

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replaced; and the camera-light turned on. (Fourteen

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of the catheter, fitted with a clamp, being attached to the side piece of a filter flask

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question was agitated in the Times whether, when a man

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thing he had found that the convulsions had ceased. Re-

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of the Medical Department of Yale University has decided to extend the

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Lithii Citras Effcrvescens (Lithium Citrate. Effervescing). Tab-