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prevent the formation of pustules. This treatment does not
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but is of no practical value on account of its poisonous pro-
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tory diarrhoea did not exist, or it was neglected. During another epidemic
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modations. Let a building therefore be erected in some central place,
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founded with poisoning from puncture in dissecting or opening
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ample to decide the true nature of the formation, the bac-
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They have been termed the "kicking muscles." The principal
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with this family in August, 1912. He had had an attack of pellagra in 1912 and
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No improvement having resulted after parts there was no evidence of the disease.
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and throat is intentionally omitted. At the beginning of each
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taint in the family, the lady was advised to live separately, in order
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practically only after food has been ingested. But the
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of the rale ; and, of course, that they differ very widely from
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toms were rather marked. He had some dull pain during the day.
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a temporary fistula has existed for weeks or months. " Segars found
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The experience of physicians in the employ of the New York
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salary stops till 1 recover. I need not inform you that my illnesses are
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of the coal tar products, antipyrin or phenacetin, 3, 5, or 10
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of cholera vibrio cultures is followed by smart febrile
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these forms of alo]^ecia are, of course, the same as those of sebor-
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have the familiar prominence of the vertebral spine at the affected spot ;
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