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passports. Sometimes the State official will arrest the

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The pinna consists of cartilage covered by skin. Its external

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movement remains. The paralysis is not simjjly lo&s

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parasites had been caused by the administration of quinine. We have

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their first appointment of trustees and professors, to have due

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indifferent, and do not seem to attract one another; but if they are first

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Nov. 13. Pulse 80; skin good. No vomiting or pain since the opera-

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trian empire and Russia and some parts of Central and South Amer-

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entrance the metabolism test showed +18, pulse was 92, and

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employed) in studying iledical philosophy, historj-, and litera-

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heart and blood vessels and temperature, but beyond this

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upon a bolt projecting from the floor. The blow was

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should possess a means of perfectly sterilizing instruments.

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found that the infants passed a gritty material which caused a great

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in about 900 cc. of 25 per cent, nitric acid, and 50 cc. of liquor ferri sulphurici oxydati

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larged and thickened, usually covering the whole cyst,

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disintegration of the infiltrated tissues. Additional

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that the patient was forced to quit her bed, and to walk

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dry ; they were greyish and darkly mottled m colour ; the

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room, crawling from bed to play during the nurse's absence or

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directly observed, it is in virtue of the locomoting

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Breslau, and at the time of his death was 06 years of

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causes are many and various. Perhaps the mechanism is not always the

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the arterial circulation. It is moist gangrene from venous congestion, not

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form of acute yellow atrophy, there is more or less compensatory hyper-

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and certain myeloblasts, do not show the oxidase reaction.

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of New York, seconded the nomination of Baltimore. Dr.

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There are other advantages which make it of value to

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tional Legislation, a resolution to the effect that the Ameri-