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infected in this manner show, at least in the great number of cases,'
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soft parts to their state before the injury, before repair
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I have done, from cause, through torturing pain to the unavoid-
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to see a child on Fifth street that was reported to have taken poison.
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intermediate hosts or play a purely mechanical role is not yet determined.
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four or five weeks, but sometimes months elapsed before
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by the diaphragm, causing an increased bulging of the abdominal wall.
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B, giant-cell reticulum with some large epithelial and many
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in regard to Pregnancy, Preparation for Childbirth, and the Care
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were no corresponding cuts or stabs, nor, indeed, any mark of injury upon
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the production of osteitis fibrosa, one allows the inclusion of
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teaching like Dr. Henry A. Christian, Professor of Medicine at Harvard.
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better in the morning, when a free current of air blew through
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I found three men sitting on the lowermost bunk, all of
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spots, where it is removed by the hardy yeoman ; giving the
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fibrous or muscular elements, but their appearance in
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cystitis. For its use in the treatment of stricture he re-
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entery an ameba was observed not infrequently in which, as' in Entammba
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of the paroxysms, their severity, and the incidental events. The patient
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than canvas is wide, to which fasten very strong loops of rope.
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climate, moisture, cleanliness, infections, or constipation
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(l,) That sparteine sulphate administered hypodermicaliy before the
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repeated doses, to reduce the pulse, lower the temperature, and
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main symptom for two months before the patient came under
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is, that these cysis are entirely new forma- \ ing trocar and let out about two ounces of
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nia, rheumatism, osteo-myelitis, and erysipelas. In
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tongue slightly coated. I concluded that the symptoms observed in
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