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season, has prevented his epidemical and contagious nature from appear-

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study the symptomatology and treatment of their cases. The

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imported from Calcutta. Artificially, nitre beds are njatle

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tosis. Many other important points are discussed, one of which

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toration, the following resolution was submitted to the

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surface on to a shallow watch-glass. This answers much better

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with the debris from a barber's brush and comb, with the

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November, however, is the normal result for that time of the year.

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science. In March last, M. Lescarbault \ M. Tennesse, whom he engaged to act as

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As above stated the mucous membrane of the lower inch of the rectum

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tumor, exploratory incision (extra- or intra-peritoneal)

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them on all occasions, and almost every woman in the

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chestnut ; on section firm, brown, with hemorrhagic

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M. Herald, 1883, 1,248-250. Also [Abstr.]: Med. News,

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pipe — and overflow, if there be one --of each of

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seminated, and the acute or chronic form of poliomyelitis.

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sulpho. carbol. This does not include the numerous remedies

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wound, and thoroughly curetted and applied nitric acid, and dressed, or first

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destroyed, enucleation should be done at once. Such

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mained unutiUsed and imbedded in the developed tissues of the organism,

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are often formed early in life, it essentially devolves upon

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actual results or peace will not be possible to a vital personality. The

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cases and deaths from contagious diseases reported to

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in the bed ; the features sharpen ; the eyes are hollow, and dim as

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grene extends from the centre to the circumference of the tumour; the pulse

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after operation that many of them were doubtless instances of local

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remedied by operation. An instance of this kind is related by Mr. Dumville

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lenses for presbyopia, myopia, and hypermetropia, and halts only at astig-

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^ras found that great objection was raised to it. There-

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7.— Huntington reports three cases of synchronous

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detectable organic disease either of the heart or of other parts,

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and extraordinarily spiteful, particularly in late years.

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the ordinary scar, and the separate layers are not coherent.

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ministers combined. In the long run I have never known any doctor

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by redness and dryness, a condition which is known as smoker's sore

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strated whether negative or positive electricity prevails