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died, or 81.7 per cent. Of these patients 93 received the benzoyl acetyl treat-
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We can at once recognize the potentialities, the result of inbreedings
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rise to its morbid effects, may take place through the lungs, the stonuK^
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ultimate composition. The minute composition then does not seem to be
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by a governor, and, therefore, is not absolutely uniform. The prisoners
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membrane, yet in gonorrhceal endometritis we must not perform it. In
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ments with sensitizer, two serums were used, designated as A (1:9,500) and
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5th was discharged, perfectly free from any symptoms
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)iigli and honourable career, had endeared him not only to his
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being healthy ; of these, 3 recovered, 4 died, 1 was doubtful-
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do.ujn. According to Sch'iiler, this produces first
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pressure is of marked degree — the remaining one-third of theee
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lieved. The blistered surfaces were kept open ; and the feet
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tomized dogs hyperplasia of the lymph glands did not occur constantly, and
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functional and metabolic processes going on in the organism.
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The susceptibility to the disease is not equal in all periods of life. In the
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tation is from Dr. Stoke's lectures on theory and practice : " There is
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From figures, the transition is natural and easy to iolidt
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We can at once recognize the potentialities, the result of inbreedings
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leaving about 2 inches of inflamed sigmoid poorly vascularized. It
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ation gives rise to symptoms less distinctive. It may occur, and
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extent, also, upon the outer surface of the arachnoid (subdural space), and
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dependent on the " dose " of the cause. "When this is heavy or
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certain of his muscles, or all of them, are shrunken, rigid or paralysed.
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to the extent of from two and a half to three and three-fourths
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Purulent Ophthalmia. — Those afflicted with gonorrhoea should
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still present in skin. July 23id : Marked irregularity in size
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It is sate to say that a more valuable and suggestive paper
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quantity and the artery scarcely a trace; the animal at the time, by accident,
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left kidney was in a healthy state, but the right was enlarged to four times
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selves in their substance, especially flattening the last
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arrester of secretion in diarrhoea ; as a diaphoretic in various con-
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ally if aided by a deficiency of wholesome and nourishing
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