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Maryland in 1842. He practised medicine in Calvert County
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Mr. H. p., aged 21, was well until the spring lOTi, when he had a
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Tlio Homing Inwtiiut. An Kxpliinution 8Ug|;oHlcd. Uy (J<-orni' M.
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Few attempts have been made to study the effect of a true necrosis
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It is natural that phosphorus, a body so closely allied chemic-
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It also appears that Klein, 9 as has been suggested by Hadley in a personal
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Modes of Propagation — The belief that the plague is capable of
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the diff*erent stages of any of the forms of Bright's dis-
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that you should appoint ten gentlemen to labour four or five
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" Over the apex a bellows murmur was heard with both sounds of the
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moved with difficulty, corresponding with depression of outertable ; at junction of
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dulgence toward hyperplasia, on the part of the Cook
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degenerating into mere house stewards, farmers, or secre-
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that possibly work may be avoided, and a still more strong desire
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patient is in reasonably good condition, though somewhat handi-
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years of age, entered Jefferson Hospital March 28, 1892,
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■deaths from small-pox registered in the Vnion, and thirty-nine
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beautiful array of azaleas and camellias, the gardens are actually a year round profusion of
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oxysms of severe shortness of breath occur ; the lips and face become
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dependent on an infectious process of some kind. This is not to be inter-
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destination of C6 root pain or paresthesia is the thumb
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abscess could not have been caused by infection from
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aball include every variety of the disease, whilst it exclodee
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1886, lix, 1057. — Do«lse ( W. T. ) Coiiipoand fract-
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more than a mere coincidence ? A tradition so power-
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Hospital beds in China are of every conceivable type and descrip-
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is ass't'iateil with starvation and overcrtiwdinj;. Tiie disease is
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tendency ... to evade the Order by calling the nurses anything but nurses,
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Clievalller (A.) Les substances alimentaires peuvent-
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result, so as to determine the question of immediate operation to save life, which
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2. A case of broncho-pneumonia following on the fifth day,
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president of the board of education for two terms, a member of the library
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determined. His results are thus summed up : " The amount
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of the intestine and in the pseudo-membranous deposits. It is difficult to
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49, 1882), and points out that the occurrence of heinor-
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Recapitulation. — Hospitals, 13,^62 cases; 17 deaths;
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consequence of a defective development, the sinus lay a half