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toe. Internally I gave the elix. phosph., iron, quinia,

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1.. :iases. One was in an infant of eight months, and was the result of

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plicating inflammation. The possibility of cancer originating at the

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temperature gradually falling and a state of somnolence ushering in the end.

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foot-bath of warm carbolic acid lotion (1-20), followed

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those which were performed early. He had within the

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that " there are no evils in this world but sin and bile. - '

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always periodical — ^peculiarities difficult to explain if the symptom he

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had been ordered. Yet, while this rapid improvement

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siphu! Hawu, kani kwentenjani, ngabe yini vele iem.hlo/o lengaka.

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Disorders of the stomach and intestines, attributed to gout, are, neu-

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GROUND IVY — Glechoma Hederacea, called also Giu,-

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There are first seen signs of fever, shivering, unwillingness to

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dying are combined, either the one or the other mode predominating.

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a bad case. His (Dr. Grimshaw's) test was the nature of the pulse, and

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occurred on Long Island Sound between two boats in which 6

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were performed privately. Persons vaccinated privately were accounted for

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ment of pelvic disease may be broadly classed as those

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doubted until the early portion of this century, when a disbelief in the

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Nuttall. Experimente iiber die bakterienfeindlichen Eintliisse

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the application of ligatures, &c. Poisons, excessive

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becomes very marked. The gait is peculiarly affected, some-

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bed-sores may appear, and death follows from exhaustion or terminal

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advantages of the vaginal plug lie in the following facts : — That it at the

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heavy and not porous are objectionable, and for occupied beds

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what higher on the radius than the ulna. These fractures

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entails an e.xcessive destruction of albumen ; the consti-

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the existence of traumatism. That deleterious materials may find other

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suelle. Arch', d'opht., Par., 1899, xix, 465-471.— ill ikli lie-

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pecially hot-air furnaces, and the direct-indirect systems in use with

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Evidently not. If they were we should see the descendants

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symmetrical, punched-out scars situated on the ears,