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Gonorrheal Rheumatism. This is not Rheumatism, however, but
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itself in reference to improvement at the present time. Our
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the parents brought the child to the clinic of Dr. Kuhn, when there was
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current of hot air was sent into the ethmoidal ami frontal
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applied freely to the eye. She now consents to enu-
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and ordered to the Mare Island, Cal., Navy Yard. Novem-
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of gestation, nor anything which should give rise to the
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value. In fact the remarkable results obtained in some
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City, that he had examined, with the aid of two eye experts,
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a clear and distinct view of the optic disc, but that it looks
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charged from the hospital with a firm scar and the testicle lying
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certain gastro-intestinal attacks associated with cutaneous symptoms.
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Its mode of action is not explicable with our present knowledge. The
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Dr. White was unable to agree with Dr. Duhring as to the
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reaches the gland as a single trunk and ramifies chiefly upon the ante-
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factors which tend to reduce the Opsonic im our tu-
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the subject of representative conference in Ireland. His
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M. D., Florian Kru^, M. D.. E, E Montgomery, M. D., William it. Pryor. M. 1).,
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or forwards, and hence, though the patient walks with the legs well
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Organs that are unsound of structure are often in pain, and
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treatment must be directed " with a view of hasten-
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oring matters, we shall not be able to recognize parasitic bodies within
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assistance one confers on another. Thus in physiology light
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from the careful perusal of each illustration as he would in the study of the
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mose allied to the peptones. It may be obtained in the dry
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this process of degeneration. Why this degeneration
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this diplococcus upon a firmer basis by producing mitral disease in a
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Rock. Bom June 13, 1958, Stillwater, OK. Pre-medical
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sexual function. Delusions with respect to the latter are fostered by
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glucose would fail to appear in the liver extract examined by the ordinary
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ute. It takes about a second before the air is all out and a second for
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of puerperal mania, and found her suffering from a most intense head-
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function, namely, during an increased destruction of blood so much
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3 A Case of Cystlnurla Ending In Recovery. John Held.
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(a) Mild Cases and Those of Moderate Intensity. — Usually the pa-
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farthest removed from the tavern being only ten rods distant. A stranger