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and read at the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh, " the
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require to be removed, as they have a tendency to increase in
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will prove effective against both the congestion and the headache. Such
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Tiger Libj. — Dr. Jekkiues VVvma.v read the following report of a case
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anything was put into its mouth. The nurse told me, on my arrival,
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were supposed to be successful in these cases, have been used again
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curvature, whereas a dilated or weak stomach or one in a
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required to collect and compare the requisite facts.
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make you wiser and better ; it will teach you your duty toward your children,
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of water which it contains, is not entitled to very high rank
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Two forms of coagulation might be produced, according to the
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ens, all reflex movements are suspended, and death ensues. Excluding
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Dewitt Stetten and Se:/mour Perry have asked the Hematology Service to
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of the aorta and pulmonary artery, and are closely allied in
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r. Accad. med. di Eoma, 1887-8, ix, 368-386. — Discussion
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it affects the diuresis by a change of caliber of the renal vessels.
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June, 1876. Since the report was written a sac had appeared on the
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it simply placed us on record as standing up for ourselves, and if all the medical
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