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Birmingham, Alabama From the point of view of method in surgical means of removal, intraocular foreign bodies may be divided into two classes: magnetic and non-magnetic: preis. The physiological arid vital changes which occur following the use of pyrogens are very similar to those described as injection due to artificial heat. That chorea is of microbic origin may be inferred from its "mg" partial resemblance to tetanus and hydrophobia, when a microbic cause is in one case proved and very probably present in the other. The last-named are noted most often in tabletten children, but it is probable that even in them the frenuency of this condition has been very much overrated. Although not an oculist, the doctor was a man of sound judgment and good common sense, and at once made inquiry regarding the ventilation of the room in which she worked and the sort of light she did spray her reading by.