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presents the following statistics of diphtheria cases treated with anti-diphtheritic
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16. Creditor MC, Smith EC, Gallai JB, et al: Tuberculosis, tuberculin
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out of bed on June 7th, wnen he seemed so well that he was told he
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think that you are better, but think it early and often
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Dr. J. Lewis Smith presented a specimen from a case
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within London. The removal of hospitals from London was fully dealt with in
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The pathology of appendicitis which interests us is not only
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of gain per head daily, eating 921 pounds of meal for each 100 pounds
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evidently a hopeless task to know where to draw the line between the
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have never had cause to apply the forceps in but two cases
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19. A good animal and vegetable diet, pure air, cold baths, and
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temperature than that which destroys the adult organism, and all
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age level, the average optimum dosage range appears to be 180 to
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w'cemia is seldom called for. Of course it will be readily understood
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effect upon the ulcerated small intestines. It is my firm belief that if
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