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limited extent. A further study of the normal tissue fragments has

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far obtained in this work has been prepared for publication.*

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the organization of clinics for the practice of medicine

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man, huildin'^, hut hecomes \ci-y complex for sucli ahstraet coiKM'pts as

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inoculation with long, beaded tubercle bacilli from sputum or from

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if injected into the body of a white mouse, Romer made practical use

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food products are prepared. At abattoir No. 147 provision is made for tanking con-

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time during which the animals have been confined without such rest or food or water on

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irritable home situation. The autopsy diagnosis was

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the state organization have a strong industrial hy-

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But, of course, it is always better to prevent a serious

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ment, largely a qualitative value as regards the relations between

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stitution, but it must be supplemented with plenty to eat. A farm

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were thickened with tubercular excrescences. The lungs were thor-

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areas and nmy he considered as the seat of the intellect. The evidence

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diverticulum in this case was the fact that the os-

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us another visit, assuring you that I will either take or send you around the

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quently reaching 90 per cent of the entire herd. It is on account of

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papilloma of the breast, both of which have a maximal incidence during

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In such experiments the hearts must have been supplied immediately

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If this disease happens to be cerebro-spinal meningitis, any success

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on September 27 and 28, 1947, with the following pres-

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the kidney is uniformly changed. The interstitial tissue is increased and

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become immune to this fever, this very condition, desirable as it is

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the members of the Council, to the Officers of the Asso-

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with areas of caseous degeneration. Testicles appear enlarged, of a grayish

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lafed. Snidi a result does not, hovvevi''-, inform ns ,is to whether the

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Paul Hines, St. Louis (1950); Orr Mullinax, Jefferson City

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Unipolar Electrogram, Julius Jensen, M.D., and John Sutton, M.D., St. Louis.

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be released by the veterinary inspector conducting the inspection, who shall remove the

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Anat().mical Diagnosis: Primary. — (1) Previous panhysterectomy for