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graduate Medical School, and coeditor of the Journal of Advanced

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hot. She was spouged with ice-cold water, and given ten

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common occurrence even in the case of the child-bearing.

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the frenicular vessels in a state of congestion and distention from

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tain a considerable column of the effusion in this region.

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whether the blood has been effused for a few days, weeks, or months. Mr.

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on the vital or ganglionic nervous system, the oxygen

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N. J., arising from a polluted milk supply, developed an

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prostration, having no fever then upon them. Three weeks later there

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symptom does not as a rule appear, but nystagmus is not infrequently

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placement of the tibia forwards. The patient was a young man who

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pharyngeal wall. Tlie nasal passages were involved, shown by

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former patient, flags flying, bands playing, and amidst a

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both. The constitutional treatment must always be borne in mind,

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when we add to this the fact that there is an entire absence of

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