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diphtheria, which was held in the Section of Pathology at the Ipswich
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almost all cases both parotids are affected within a very short interval of
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ciated widened QRS complex or arrhythmia requires prompt additional
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plicated case mix. In addition, hospital outpatient de-
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period may vary from two days or less up to longer— the space disappears
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a week, and the secretion had nearly or quite ceased. Think-
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shot-wound through the middle of the forearm. The frag-
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to be carried out for the purpose of guarding against this disease, for
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the liver. J. L-, fifty-four, succeeded to house and work, and died within two
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sclerosis, without loss of sensation or involvement of the bladder and bowel.
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have escaped observation, that the occurrence of dropsy, more or less
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should give trouble subsequently its presence could be de-
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born of members of high-class women's debating and liter-
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to examine a dead body in which putrefaction has commenced, for, undeE
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measures of depletion may be pushed too far. These measures are only
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(i.e., within seventy-two hours after inoculation). After onset of
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cows which were healthy were slaughtered. Two were left
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erable time, endeavoring to get a hearing, till at length the
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man, and previous to the date assigned as the begin-
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present generation of surgeons could hardly realize.
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in fact, her reputation had been considerably at stake in her community
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ling down the back. Well-marked chills, followed by increased heat and
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failure, cirrhosis of the liver, the nephrotic syndrome;
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fever, ease or difficulty in deglutition, and the for-
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time also furnishes the opportunity of exercise in the
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The preceding are the facts observed in the blood, connected
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of concentrated sulphuric acid to a pint or more of sweetened de-
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blood-vessels, and no immediate communication with the sur-
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failure in majority of instances of heteroplasty, though the
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neat little dispensary and laboratory, a complete limited hos-
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Sanders : This act is reflex and is dependent on fibres arising from the
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seem that some method of standardizing the serum must
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agreed, however, upon the necessity of bringing the peritoneal
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one of atrophy of the heart. Its usual direct cause is some
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the elective Cesarean section is extremely slight. There
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From the Leader—" It \t sAttdL tat iw&iib&. <*&-« book in which Instruction, amusement, ant
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Sylvanus C. Oriswold, M.S., Missouri Medical College, St.