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accidental relation. Age was a predisposing factor in
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which in the course of the afternoon passed into violent delirium, caus-
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Antimony, iodides, mercury, veratrum viride, chloroform, iron, quinine,
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This was a case of complete paralysis of the left arm, with unimpaired
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attempted at an earlier stage. Nevertheless, it is important to search
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In a case of fibroids, however, no good was done. Only one case of hemor-
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try with their machines shooking every one they can persuade to take hold
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ness will suffer, and that their trade will leave them. And here, also,
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these rooms are located in over 40,000 different tenement houses
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of the tongue and a bald mucous patch. In treatment, he recommends
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Although the embolus itself could not be found in this case, the
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years he was a member of the local board of health, and in 1915-16
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Contracted Pelvis, Treatment in. By Dr. J. E. Taylor, .
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4. Incision through the vesico-uterine peritoneum from the severed
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however, rendered the early recognition and treatment of
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through a cannula inserted into the aorta is suspended in a warm
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that, when a medicine has been ascertained to have a decided eliect in a
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days. In variola, whitish or ash-colored spots m the mouth and fauces,
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to be adverse to the germ-theory of the causation of some of
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fore, no foreign deposit, but an abnormal action set up in the
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leaf and fading flower'', not less than in the various forms of
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influenced by them. The mfiammation, instead of being
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Dr. Houston, of Montreal, said he did not think the
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ings of the animal mechanism as they, in that time, listened to the
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121 pounds, approximately, in 1884, to 130 pounds in 1988.
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the same period has been 9 per thousand only. The deaths
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Medicine. Reprinted with permission from Rhode Island Medicine,
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believe will be as effective and far-reaching in the majority of the
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those members of the profession who practise among the
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a confident expectation that their experience will be equally gratifying with my
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