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In the treatment of cancer other than superficial, few have

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gress," by F. X. Dercum, of Philadelphia, Pa.; "The

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rally sound again in a few weeks; but if the patient be a

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times it will be possible to engage the kidney between the tips

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are due to section of intrarenal vessels, with infection as a sequel. He

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done. Special investigations have been carried on in

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and retention of urine are occasional symptoms, and, in the female, leucor-

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the South, Midland, and Northern divisions, where the

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and Frederick Peterson, M.D., Clinical Professor of

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eugenol having recently been given some attention by

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of the mucosa is unless one first opens into the sinus to see, and the ordinary

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spinal cord, the effect is discernible ; and in those who are

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not yet understood the central nervous system — ^brain and spinal

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record of its attracting the attention of justice. It

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From a neglect of the requisites of a function, physiologists

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numerator, that of the red corpuscles the denominator.

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arms, legs, and head, and for this the child was taken to the Jubilee Hos-

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respite, and with some reluctance the arm was amputated.

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half a grain every five, ten, or fifteen minutes, is the most manageable

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matter forward, because he had seen sufficient to make him ask those

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able diat absolutely errcmeous views as to the mode of origin of the

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The question of application of any means of mechan-

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IvEEGAARD, F. Tuberculosis of the middle ear. Laryngoscope, June, 1921.

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be altogether correct to speak of the remedies collectively

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'Paulus iE«?ineta, trans, by Adams, vol. i. p. 236 (Sydenham Soa, 1844).

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urticaria was mild in all and none of the children appeared sick.

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Nephrectomy is an operation with a high mortality. T

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Montana Medical Association— 2012 11th Ave, Suite

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"It is for the Student of Medicine in particular, that this Dic-

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rods took up the methylene blue uniformly, and many of them

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in many different countries, and particularly by the investiga-

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lar disease has already had important effects. Certain