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temperature corresponds to the intensity of the disease. A rapid decline
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far behind, and, as a rule, involvement of many other organs has taken place,
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may be termed the older use of calomel, by means of which
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to get an adequate summary, and we must depend upon personal memoirs
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and demonstrators as Dr. Cathie, Dr. Clyde Dalyrimple and
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which he had the weakness to pronounce an opinion twenty -five years
are by no means synonymous terms. (7) Liver dulness
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t Die Trophiflce Nerren, Leiprig, Wigud, 18(Mi Oaast. Jahr., toL 11. p. 6ft-«7, 1861.
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painful, and wearisome. It causes exhaustion in many cases, and general
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Although the embolus itself could not be found in this case, the
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his boast that no harm had ever come from previous wounds.
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the Philippines, for instance, the disease referred to nowadays
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m the cerebrum, apparently of long standing, and the lateral
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fied itself into an offence against society, which ad-
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health. Had measles when a child, and chills and fever six years
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time, the tumour, previously as large as a pigeon's
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hop. de Par.. 1899, 3. s.. xvi, 192-195.— Barlow (T.) Case
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opinion that the muscles should also be stimulated reflexlij by exciting the
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and devoted much of his time to chemistry, mineralogy, and geology. He is
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Remittances should be made by money-order, draft or registered
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right leg and arm, and aphasia, without much mental disturbance.
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imported cheese was obtained by using Jersey milk standardized to
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horses to have a care for them on the slightest indication of Catarrh,
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radical measure which, though limited in its scope, is determined by
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where the contracture is well developed, some degree of relaxa-
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than the panel system. It is suitable for those under
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luiig tissue that the remaining portions are unable to adequately supply
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N. Y., 1897, X, 111. . The management of club-foot,
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We are heartily in accord with what is said concerning the value of
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duced without organic disease of any kind, and — secondly, that it