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I as shanks of the Long tone].- keep clear of the perinwum, the wholo
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2. Nasse, H. — Das Blut b. den Schwangeren. Archiv. f. Gynak., 1876, Bd. X, p. 315.
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the heart had not resumed its pulsation. After twenty min-
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a culture of cholera spirillum and recovered after a se-
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again, and he feels quite comfortable. Pulse 106. Temperature 100'2°.
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42. Revue Therapeutique du Midi, &c. Publie par le Dr. Louis Saurel.
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this than there might have been, and, now that the enemy
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country, in which smallpox has actually been modified by passing
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with regard to the percentage of recoveries in primary
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as w<'ll. If the tolerance is more than 100 grams carbohydrate upK)n the weekly
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died about a year before, after an active medical ser-
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ships. Appointments will be made to the remaining four at
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adolescent rickets. He has reported one case of sinking
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because the lesions are only slightly raised, because each is divided into
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metal off. I have rarely seen a deep burn of the eye from hot
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nacb polozen plodu. [On the causes of the position of the
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is very slow — much slower than in typhus. The relapsing fever
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tomy, it can usually be controlled by means of packing, to-
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of cholera patients ar^ capable, in connexion with well known
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is unfavorable for infection, while the coddling inci-
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tuberculous in (I'i cases, and in 54 of those the nodes in the chest were also
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parasites. He says that scarlet fever is rarely absent from the Swedish
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latent for an almost unlimited period. Why, then, was it
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seized with general convulsions, which rapidly subsided into coma,
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these societies should report their action to the annual
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particularly in the Continental countries of Europe, are less
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philic leucocytes per X-ray treatments were begun. During the suc-
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rience can alone determine. The author shows that he