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malignant disease by those who have " seen the elephant " for the
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and a very soothing effect upon the inflamed urethra. For this
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him. The patient, Mrs. K , was a florid, robust-looking young
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in the interior valley, and greatest on the Islands. It is also shown
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bloody mucus was vomited with an occasional clot. One
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arrangement of the facts already known to practical physicians.
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insidious condition. An indication which any deviation from its normal workings is
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ly taunts them with the insinuation. "Look here! what all your b<
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be an undoubted instance of morbus coxae. She was treated
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emetic — his former remedies — aconite, phosphorus and bryony, were
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nature of the part affected. In some cases the lesions
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ample, rabbits that are partially immunized against swine
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their form, because they represent the results of an unprejudiced
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Feb. 23rd. Right lung shows signs of of Postoperative Pneumonia, we find great
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which had not been emptied during all the time. The very
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California Fig Syrup Co., has special facilities for commanding
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impaired, or the rate of tissue waste more than natural, and
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restored. Warm clothing should be worn, with flannel next to
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in this country than supposed. table of blood counts :
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ard <k Lea. All teachers must possess it, and every intelligent physician
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accumulates in those vessels and in the arterial trunks, giving rise
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Tincture of green fruit (London) 3iss slight, 3ij moderate,
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previously unpublished, and which brings up his total of
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calves which prevailed in the vicinity of Rotterdam. It was
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nourishment needed to strengthen and repair wasted tissue, while Soluble Beef is
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roid. There was also blood in the urine, ducing catheter into uterus and keeping it
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be decided lung lesions. (See report on swine plague. Smith.)
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stalk field. The diagnosis of the cornstalk disease must, for
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supposition is that the parasite gains entrance to the living
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R. Cauterize hemorrhoid with nit. argent., apply ung. rhatan. pulv.
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