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11. Bronchotomy is generally inadmissible when there is serious organic

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passages returned with severe pain and tenesmus ; fever continues

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in tuberculous affections of the lungs. The points of interest

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consideration." That our readers may appreciate the last remark,

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here, as in other parts of the body, it is necessary to

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After Sir James Murry's process, containing 10 grains Bi. Carb. Magns. to

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most notable examples of this disease, and both have been shown

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was laid aside. This mischance suggested the trial of Dr. Keid's

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aspect of horrible anxiety, the features become pinched, the eyes

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also, always in contact with the pleura. The ligature has been successfully

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little from one i;. sixty-four thousand five hundred, nearly five times

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then receives a diploma. His early education may or may not have been

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and in the Hist, d l'Academie Eoyale des Sciences, an instance is

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its several objections. We are glad that the Journal has at last

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it to spread out laterally. Its weight was six lbs.avoirdupois.

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or colleges. Even hatred itself has forgotten to stand haugh-

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The statement that the electricity inspired with the air, is

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I have had some few cases of ague, in which its administration, anticipato-

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The effect is secretory, ie secreting organs be supplied !

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be entirely absorbed. Peptone exists in trifling amount. Sugar

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uterus were arrested by the chloroform, and delivery was com-

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ested in the subject to give their views, if differing from

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pains, tightness, or constriction^ are felt at the seat of the disease,

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Defective elimination and failure to burn up the leucomaines

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alcohol and suprax

venient, yet so powerful, safe and reliable a remedy as cold water,

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tablished, as pertains to the higher animals , yet such is the

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successful in recent cases, delivery may be accomplished after the

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from it. I will briefly relate a few of the most striking cases.

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