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of these two. If the inflammation do not subside under these applications.

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ments are the seat of inflamnuition, or the enlarged, prolapsed

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the necessity for armed retinues ; hence also the for-

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ministers combined. In the long run I have never known any doctor

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which will maintain cardiac strength and vigorous breathing will

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the epidemic at Framingham, extending to Natick in the

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constant weight, but I soon found that it was impossible to do this

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toxin has a sort of coagulating effect on the blood. I have

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tropical regions, at certain seasons of the year, it is very preva-

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considered local relapses, or as a local repetition of the primary process.

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ought sometimes to be accomplished by excision under certain

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rable state, being exposed to the influence of a damp or cold atmo-

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Under the head of " convalescence '' we find " recov-

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day of the year up to that time, had proceeded but two miles, when he

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more frequently to the sick, than it did some time ago, when my

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right leg and arm, and aphasia, without much mental disturbance.

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say. Of course, a great deal of attention has been given to this subject,

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One or two in almost every summer month in 30 hours to 104, pulse going to 160, and

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development, the crust in simple powder will be most applicable, and

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the patient has never been confined to the house, where he is imable

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than usual, but not remarkably so. There was very little fluid in the pericar-

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^ras found that great objection was raised to it. There-

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and sensations. Before the writing ceased to be legible, it was evident,

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of the President's desk, he asked: Who has got it? Have you got it, Mr. Secretary ?