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having been allowed to stand in a warm room for two or three

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every possible kind of death, often found brains so hard frozen, that

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hours after the completion of the operation. I merely

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excluded. He began with one-twentieth of a milligramme

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and with secondary and tertiary sacs in the same hernia.

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relation to the most common fcjrnis of wastinjj; [Kiralysis in adults is that it

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North America, a human case being reported from Mexico by

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around its base. The sac contained the liver, the spleen, the

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subject that seemed to meet the symptoms present, a

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tantes, and cephalalgia. The other functions are normal, ft Acid, nitrici : Acid.

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but not softened. The body of the uterus had a soft, doughy

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829. — Johnisou(R.) Fracture of the neck of the femur

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am not prepared to say just on what lines all these cases

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The truth of the preceding conclusions with reference to the action of Prussic Add

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medical records and the right to request correction or

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independently into the ulnar side of the metacarpophalangeal fibro-cartilage.

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for night extension, and then the plaster is to be fixed with a roller carried

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into the substance of the muscle, and should this become infected,

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the Chinese, in order to use it, or impart the knowledge tO'

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advance subscription must notify us to that effect, otherwise we assume it their wish to have it continued

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this neurosis was much aggravated in Vienna and some other

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he himself had made at the post-mortem examination ; {2)

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tion, that our seasons experienced a disturbance from a

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infection, the process perhaps being analogous to that which in other

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Generales, the Bulletin de Therapeutique, also all do

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able over the tibiae and fibulae, and remains longer in those situa-

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heart as to be liable to be taken in by every knave." All bear

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dissecting coronary arteries; one to the left anterior de-

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contains vessels, often of considerable size, and having walls of ex-

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College of Medicine. Hyatt Regency Hotel, Lexington,

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variations in the urine, and the more or less rapid appearance or disappear-

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