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who appointed him Surgeon-in- Chief of the First Divi-
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whether protective inoculations should be practised as
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&Phys. Soc. Bombay (1886), 1887 [3.] s., x, 76-78.-«oo€l-
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J. P. Waste and N. S. Tefft, Plainview, and W. A. Chamberlain, St. Charles.
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given said state in its settlements with the United States on
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that the presence of the meningococcus may have ren-
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caused not by the pyemia itself but by the complications
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ways prescribed. Its effects upon the system are generally prompt,
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in origin, i.e. god-given or financially determined, there
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the ankle joint (See Fig. 5; Plate II). All the muscles going to the ankle,
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ficient respiration in the appearance of the I after the trachea tube had been introduced,
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to isolate them on separate forms, germicides being ap-
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wifery. It is a house divided against itself, a perilous antagonism,
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The following points in the clinical history of these ulcers are
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but help to ventilate a city and add to the comfort, happiness, and health
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consist of agglomerations of malignant tuft-masses. The diagnosis is based on
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On January 6, the right hand swelled ; January 8, the left
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Pennsylvania Avenue, watching with gaze and astonishment
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existed complete paralysis of the arm and subluxation of the
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