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roentgen-ray were given, followed at that time by decrease in

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vent infection. Weir's modification of Lister's apparatus was

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fever. Arch. Pediat., N. Y., 1899, xvi, 329.— Grocco (P.)

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that gradual accustoming to cold might be at once the most philosophical and

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inebriates shrunken and disintegrated states exist. 2. The liver,

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membranes — never subcutaneous ; nor have anything

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rain, the fall of hail and the size of the hail stones, were unusually

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'Exereising-bag. No. 318766; May 20, 1885.— Iiovatt (J.)

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No doubt, to this, as to every other attempt at explanation,

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ulated scientific interest, and in consequence medi-

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designation of certain tuberculous lesions which are clinically distinct

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cavity was considerably lessened, both by a general con-

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to be correct, proceed at once to turn out the clots, and tie the vessel at

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pay his widow thirteen hundred dollars a year during her life ;

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therefore, our discussions are perpetual, and incapable of any final ad-

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bending the head obliquely backwards and to the side

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While healing with sucralfate may occur during the first week or two,

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coagulated in the cavities of the heart, principally on the right side extending

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for double-headed and six legged calves in the spring ?

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ing the last winter, appeared in all parts of this populous town ; — and to show

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proudly — the noble Profession which many of you are this

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color is already somewhat bluish (cyanotic), firom the obstruction of the

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failed, bears witness to the optimism of youth in the eyes of the

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The patient walked about in three weeks, but wore a hip-binder for several

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the result will be, if ever complete, that the germ is

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bowels : during this time riding or carriage exercise may be

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should like to bring more fully to your notice is, they accuse certain

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