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“We have used continuous caudal analgesia about fifty times
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tries.” Orlen J. Johnson, M.D., Detroit, represent-
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dle of the shaft, exe. colles. These bones are fragile and little
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clinical picture of shock and their significance is
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Douglas Macfarlan, 1805 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
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Published through the co-operation of the Pennsylvania Tuberculosis Society
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Dr. A. Worcester (Annals of Gynaecology) says : Appendicitis
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phites with Wild Cherry Bark (this is a new combination and will
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ices. They did not yell for someone to regulate things.
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Unfortunately, it is not the acute sprain that many of
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nosis that I have merely space to enumerate them, only remarking
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ity in sugar-handling capacity. The normal system has
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the gall bladder. In these cases the process would have been
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of courtesy or other hospital staff privileges granted to local
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duced the incidence of serum sickness 1 . This Globulin-Modified antitoxin
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Mercer, Pa., midway between Pittsburgh and Erie. Farm
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Jefferson William A. Hill, Reynoldsville Francis J. Trunzo, Punxsutawney
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informative, and the index is complete. This work is.
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always present, and with adults is easily detected, but with
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ous System.” There will be morning panel discussions,
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Atrophy of the Papillae Among the Clinical Conditions Asso-
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the respiration being carried on by the upper lobes alone; the
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the Veterans’ Administration would continue to receive
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sloping down towards the sternum, assume a horizontal
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Gets but little sleep. Tongue red, and covered with patches of
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plished facts before the medical profession is consulted.
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into the industrial plants. Oddly enough, many jobs