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number of cases and a more severe type of scurvy oc-
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of disease through the intermediation of the optic nerve. Upon the
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and 28 cases remained under treatment at the end of the week.
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spots, about a :f in. in diameter, which have appeared recently. They
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organs are more prone to it in the male than in the female
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As regards the mortality of these two procedures, the
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advise violent exercise in a case like this. The man was never
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Some Points in the Treatment of Movable Kidney, 5^7
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In order to examine the nature of this new phenomenon, he
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changes and in consequence could be accurately compared; while such
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[The principle involved in this operation is essentially the same as that ol
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Ramsay and Soddy : Phys. Zeitschr., Sept. 15, 1903.
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are likewise of opinion, that the office of a physician,
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nesia.) I here give the original formula of Rademacher.
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there were efforts to vomit. The collapse gradually
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Council is now to be a body representative of the .-Vs-
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and the addition of 4 per cent., a very considerable increase, so that a
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treated, such as by emphasizing the lack of gravity of the phobia, by
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The ivhite longitudinal columns surround and inclose
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iHolir (M.) Ein Fall von Blepharojdastik. Wien. klin.
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ed as is verified by the gatherings in the usually empty
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or of other vah^ilar lesions or extensive pericardial adhesions has an impor-
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earache of children. This means the ordinary acute catarrhal
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Pulmonary stenosis is almost exclusively congenital, and is frequently
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in full force, on the 9th of May. The rash in his case broke out
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objects. To them the excited electric was presented, and the
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acting it from the district schools. No legislation has ever con-
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pliysics and chemistry. A knowledge of how a thing grew,
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to predict that this type of tumor is present (Figs.
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the probable cause of the various deformities of the
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(emmetropic) for parallel rays, and when we consider that unless
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