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able in the care of diabetes includes early detection
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Interior of the brain containing rather more blood than usual.
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be considered a calamity. Surgery has failed dismally in
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eruptive fevers, it would appear more probable fliat the action
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About seven yards of tapeworm were collected, and the head with
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rapid improvement followed her first efforts to go abroad; in a few weeks
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incline to the propriety of excision of some joints, whenever such an operatioa
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it was just before the appearance of the cholera in Charleston, that we made
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anxious and livid, and his pulse 80, and reijular. He was slightly relieved by
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mention of paralysis of some kind or other (viz., in cases 18, 19,
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An hour earlier to bed at night and an hour later up in
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open communication with large venous trunks. But even here
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As regards the secondaey affections which supervened in the
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Cruikshank's case in the healthy state of the kidneys and bladder, in
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deemed the minimum quantity necessary for the main-
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highly refractive spheroid bodies, which were afterwards found to be
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of the liver. R. B.) — Edin. Med. Joum.y June, 1867.
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appareil a[traetione. By this means in a few minutes the body was
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* 'Neuralgia of the heart" is a vulgar name for angina
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was treated only by suspending a weight from the foot of the
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certainly on the part of medical officers, but on that of the
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not impossible to so depress the middle piece that the several parts of the
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ing of nervous structures of any description or arising from any cause^
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of tbe recti muscles alters the adjustment of the eye, the effect of such division
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there would be only an annoying condition o£ black-
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laryngoscope, the endoscope, the sphygmograph — ^have a kind of
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gas formation, or indigestion of long standing, often at-
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emetic in a morphia drauKht every four hours. Sleeo came upon her
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ment by the doctor, or by surgical removal of dead bone
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foreign body, capable of securing it provisionally from the action of air and food.
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below the spine of the scapula. In front, under the clavicle, there was
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15//i. Oppression and pain very severe all night. The respiration is very
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a warm place into the cold air. Stuffiiness of the nose.
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cord, causing paralysis of the lower part of the bi
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tal flatness, compactness and irrespirability of the right lung, which was
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The use of a calamine lotion relieves the itching as well
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already stated. In this operation, the tartaric acid is altogether decom-
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erb, "is determined by its use." The hair has long since
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visit, there were symptoms of cerebral or hepatic congestion, or
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Treatment of Dandruff, — ^By all odds the most effective
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jibjsician, who has a second inferior large molar deeply excavated, and from
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by the pressure of the abdominal parietes, which from other experi-
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ROBERT F. ACKERMAN, M.D., and D. B. ZILVERSMIT, Ph.D.,* Memphis, Tenn.
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perature. During winter, the general range is from the freezing point to 30°
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south as the 39th degree of latitude, a region characterized by the predominance
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has to put his flannels on eventually, whatever freakish
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joint, and the enormous wound left by amputation renders that