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after growth has been completed it does not usually undergo any

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muscular, fully developed in body, and well formed," " especially the

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masses of brain-like matter, large coagula, and numerous imperfect cysts. The

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ever in reality any other cause. It is chiefly with a view to the

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carry them out with due discretion and caution in the

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to be more or less disorganized. Addison inferred from these facts a

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gas or vapour, and I wish you particularly to observe that in

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antibiotics, notably Clindamycin, Lincomycin, and Ampi-

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eties for the prevention of cruelties that are mainly

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prolong itself, instead of the emetic we may exhibit tartrate of anti-

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Two position statements were presented for Council con-

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amination revealed a swelling or bulging of the second rib of the right side

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eleventh spine toward the left, and to adhesions between the

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cleai-ly, and forcibly, in the space of one single hour. The

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proceed to a great extent without even being suspected, and then some

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The power of the air to absorb heat and to store heat depends

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as costal subluxation. In Fig. 122 the upper rib is rotated

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contrary conclusion, without assuming the existence of an increased

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If this be true, the first sound of the heart is a compound of

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TollBic electrlei^. PhiL Trans., 1827, pp. 29T-300.

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in the soles of the feet, causing him to feel as though he were walking on

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sufficient to kill mice and guinea-] )igs. Other animals are less sus-

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Svstem Erkrankung des Riickenmarks (Arch. f. Psych.

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them, or, at least, of materially mitigating their severity."

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cular diseases of the eye. Caledon. M. J., Glasg., 1899-

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the lungs, and, in one of the cases, the lymphatics

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produced by morbid states, but is still very deficient in a knowledge of the

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Justi. Urobilin in Tropical Practice, Zent. f. die ges. inn. Med., 1912, ii, 694.

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and then taking them seriatim and describing their POison and ^ts