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Du Pasquier, Claudius, Esq., appointed Surgeon-Apothecarj- to the

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may be a "professional" abortionist, a being who recognizes

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Constitution, to one who does not employ prayer in his

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1891 Dempsey, Martin J. P., M.D., R.U.I., F.R.C.P., Professor <.f Materia

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knowledge have been made since the latter work was written, and, more-

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ed in the vascular system, and regulates, in these respects,

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than such a system of plumbing as brings within reas(ftiable limits the

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{c) Ruptured appendix of large size with typical con-

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been cured by thyreoidectomy. The chief points in the case were as

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result of treatment. This last resort may often secure diagnosis

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this bone cannot be partially elevated above its normal situation, nor even

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evident causes, is emphasized by Gibney (Jour. Orthopced. Surg.,

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forms of expectorant being the effervescing carbonate of

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ture, especially when accompanied by chills from being overheated,

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only partially taken place, in the area showing the hem)rrha^e. These

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chin, cheek, or upper lip. The breasts become either shrunk and atrophied

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had been accomplished, the next step was to dilate the cervical

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the police, requiring her to attend personally or by proxy. The

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anuria, with two deaths. Among fifteen primary nephrectomies, for

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A definite but unusual commencement is by the act of running. A

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administered, the surgical treatment would, in the author's opinion, have proved

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the bending of the end joint of the thumb by the flexor longis pollicis was

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when the food has been removed by vomiting or passing into the duo-

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ment all inflammation ceased,* and the eye regained its external normal appea^

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O sponse Time in Therapy — Location: Mallinckrodt

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