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to the medical profession of the State, had the desired effect of induc-

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corpulence there is, in fact, hypertrophy or abnormal growth of the adipose

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bowel opposite to the mesenteric attachment. In case

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clothing used about the bed should be absolutely clean. The future

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qua.lities well suit him for the exercise of his new functions.

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quently as the liver. We need not be surprised at this, when we

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Fabrica,' an epoch-making record of accurate observation and of

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contracted and the quadriceps is most atrophied. Again, this theory will not

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the sternum between the third cartilagi/s, and from the fourth left cartilage, down to the

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almost breaking in the act, only required a slight touch of the

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sonderer Beriicksichtigung der von Dr. G. Krauss sen. in

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In connection with the cerebrum, the novel experiments

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with drinking-water from a pump at one end of the terrace. In

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it may be accepted that the person examined is not a menace to the

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persons, the average number who die is somewhere about 70

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diseases. We can understand how that class of diseases

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dng it. The disappointments occurring from tliis improper

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and the only visceral fat extract which shows an increase over the control

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ville, Seneschal of Louis IX., during the disastrous Crusade in the

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suspend it as long as pressure is continued in the manner just described.

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dorsal, dorso-lumbo, lumbo-sacral, sacro-^occygeal articulations. The

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tation is from Dr. Stoke's lectures on theory and practice : " There is

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the blood in those organs, and so give rise to dyspnoea.

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were afraid to visit winter resorts for fear of contracting phthisis. He

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tion of the Sanitary and Quarantine Convention had,

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pounds; temperament sanguine-nervous; habits temperate, usin^ ndther aloohoGc

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profuse or even fatal haemorrhage. Occasional inflammation

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Ml' tiiiu'iT ; r.illif! let tlu' tiiiL;iT tind it- iumi w .u lliin tlif jiiim-nii

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of the French, and that olKcer was also aware of the

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1874), Mougeot ( 7%ese c?e Paris, 1867), Foulquier ( 7%ese rfe Pans, 1874),

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define four classes of motor restoration: (1) Lesions with

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arising from a common rootstock. There are several varieties, the

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and accurate reasoning. No doubt all teachers strive to remedy

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rough estimation of the quantity of proteid matter present may be made

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need for the past few years has been met in great measure by the

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in small numbers and are found only after a protracted search;

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Figure 1-A,B,C,D — Illustration of technique of split single layer bowel anastomo-