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Downward displacement of the diaphragm takes place in extensive effusion

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from 3 to 5 grains ©f caustic potash; he thus obtains an es-

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employing one drug, more than another, although let us strive to

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1897, when a hernia appeared in the right inguinal canal. As there

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and subject it to the microscope, and when it is malignant

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markedly distressing to almost anyone, eg. serious threat

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3. Powdered squill 1 dr., gum ammoniac 3 dr., opium \ dr.,

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from a business point of view it does not ous indifference to the sentiments aroused

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nearly full term presented an appearance as if (mly

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ther's case-book, and give it in his own w^ords: —

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DioviBURNiA, the advertisment of wljlch appears in our columns is composed of

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sanity" in the Journal of Insanity studies the delirium

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spots are few in number ; and yet, in spite of the apparently trifling nature

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this monster evil : that they are beginning to see the

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tion in all cases where the equinus was the prominent de-

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strongly pointing to appendicitis, with fever, vom-

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Adenoma and Angioma of the Kidneys.— W. R. Smith *

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therapeutical doses it produced sleep by its soporific action on

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affections; Parametritis on the left side may cause diarrhoea, and

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With healthy children under ten years I have had ven

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venience in the preparation of these solutions. In neighborhoods

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The absence of colic as a symptom in this case was ex-

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the sul)ject by many of the leading physicians of New

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the loco conditions in different places, and the distribution of the

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but they are shed in a more conspicuous manner than is natural to a

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ously described,' Sweating was judged, in part, from the weight curve

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In the Punjab the foodstuffs in common use are the better-

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ities" following influenza, we do not know of any other mention in

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agent, by small miliary abscesses developing in the mucosa or by a cir-

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mention is made of any of them having been tuberculous ; and

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Dr. Garcelon, Pomona: The ground is covered by the paper, leaves little to be

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13. Chasnoff IJ, Bussey ME, Savich R, et al: Perinatal cerebral infarction and

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I'l V leaving the battle lield for Alexan<lria, a Pennsylva-

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demic, in his opinion, was a special form of catarrhal fever.

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it was sound practice to advise operation in almost every case

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laparotomy had been performed within a few days of the

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ordinary income of £51,866 shows an increase of £4,024, in-