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In like manner, for the treatment of deep-seated pain and
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" pyrogenetic " or " initial " stage ; during its continuance the temperature
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305.— Haecker (V.) Ueber die Farben der 'Vogelfedern.
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believes that a spontaneous deposition of phosphates or their deposition
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house does not seem to shut out the disease ; on the
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sometimes sensations in the stump seem to the patient to be in the
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the so-called sulcus, the line between the hemorrhoidal structure proper
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Assuredly, in this instance we are standing on firm ground. But
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patients receiving triamterene, and leukopenia, thrombocyto-
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The following case, the first of the kind Dr. Bumstead has ever met with,
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tous frequently rises (Pfeiffer and Scholz 39 and Georgiewsky 19 ),
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final conclusion that " in extreme cases, fever may be bred of filth."
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sallow. The author states that he knows of no class of men who are
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teachings with addresses on hygiene and popular physiology,
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the existence and operation of some diffused influence, of
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being preserved as was possible, which was limited, owing to
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addition of an infusion of galls caused in the first a fine reddish brown
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uric acid sediment indicates an increased elimination. Such an
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and local. Leloir lays down the following prophylactic
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corresponding to that disease. It is not simply local irrita-
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Fabrica,' an epoch-making record of accurate observation and of
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the parasite has entered the intestinal canal of its host. It is vivipa-
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diagnosis of the cases met with in a modem hospital ward. Instead of
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American Cancer Society and its Philadelphia Division,
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asylums for females at a distance from asylums for males when cir-
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(Prom the Ovnecological Clinic of the John* Bopkitu Hotpital.)
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April last in the hope of diminishing the pains in the