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presses the necessity of a clear notion of the disposition of the bron-
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problem in regard to the fleas of suflBcient importance
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coucheurs have little experience of the requirements of
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made me believe in the existence of a uterine rather than an ovarian
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511. Also, iransl.: Med. Week, Par., 1894, ii, 565-568.
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Jamison, D. : Five Cases of Leprosy in Children. N. O. Med. and Surg. Journ., 1885-86, N. S.
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his work has attained. It has been already translated
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population) to the unreviscd number published in the prclimiu.iiy Ceiitua
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George Lawson, at his home in London, England, October 12, aged
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the advantage of quiet and farther care that cannot be dven by the
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cent; iodid. chlorid., i to 2,000; auronatrio-chlorat., i
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and even in crustaceans and insects. Analogous malform-
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reasonably hope to so greatly improve our methods in the future
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not all, of the grain ration is given as slop; and, toward the close of
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temperature and digestion, loss of relish for food, trifling phy-
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He insisted upon the importance of firmly fixing the trachea
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Tde following i.s a case of cancer of the stomach, interesting in
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manifested by fibrous thickening of the peritoneum, either diffuse or in the
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Upon the correct microscopic diagnosis of the specific
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both respects we are glad to say the author has been
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Definition. — A chronic venous engorgement of the renal vessels, gener-
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Morbid appearances found after death are as follows : The blood is dark
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invalid for twenty years, and trying in vain physicians of the various schools
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Steinberg, Susan: The Nurse's Role in Immunotherapy. American Cancer
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three years before, with swelling of the face and of the left wrist and arm,
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science, which, at present, is little more than traditional
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among those born in the middle West over tiie natives
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in thoughtful posture, and in the midst of a speculation, stumbled and
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puffy swelling of the face had come on during the day, which
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number of other sequelae appear between the third and seventh weeks, as
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falls, becomes unconscious, and convulsion follows. It comes on with
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In neuritis of the nerve there is a tender spot on the scalenus anticus,
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into space. Sometimes the needle is pushed in too far,
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should be avoided The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded Alteration of the dosage regimen is
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tion as rapidly as possible. Thyroid substance is an ideal vaso-dilator, and,