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for months or years, but these must be discounted because of the difficulty
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so stretched that the two recti remain separated, and when the patient
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either in the skin or urine." C. G. Gmelin experimented on criminals,
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10. Mumps Complicated with Orcliitis and Nephritis. George
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its characteristic scales upon the integument so that " one who runs
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distinction is quite invidious from every other point
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Fleming, R. G., Durham; Univ. of Pa., 1936; U.N.C 1936 1938
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sessed the characters described in her paper. 3 It resembles the
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of logs or timbers. It grows in most of the States.
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the least; other mucous membranes were affected similarly.
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cuse longer for the loss of a single case of typhoid fever
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Throughout the year, the cover of Missouri Medicine
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of rest in bed, relief of pain by external applications, and the use
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a severe sprain. The sum of the injuries presented a
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blood-count showed — neutrophiles, 68 per cent. ; eosinophiles,
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ligature were cut short, the pedicle dropped back, and the
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limited as not to be fatal, and that we may therefore be able to help
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Surgeon. Leave of absence extended two montiis. S.O.
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that they are ruptured or become patulous upon the slightest efforts,
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became quite clean and free of oil after a few days. Blue clay
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ing " of the brain to the skull and dura causes trouble, such as faintness
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unless the tissues are lowered in vitality. If the tissues are we
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During the last four years the South Dakota Medical
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general health. lie vigorously opposes the common fallacy
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has its counterpai't in some of the Western States, and seems
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tion, viz., exudation of lymph, formation of false membrane, and some-
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Perhaps the fascinating portion of the book is where the author
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delirium tremens, due to inebriation. This may occur in the regular
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in the formation of a normal element. In the cancer cell the
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routitiiers are more necessary than universities for learned physi-
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cerebral cortex. And, in the saine way, the globus pallidus is