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The following description, by Dr. Flint, will serve

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the eyes and head. The patient, though insensible, turns his

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not return alive. A powder of Sulphur' 200 was next given, and

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inability may be quite marked, while walking on the fiat or going

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regular systematic mental guidance may put this right. The expres-

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day buboes appear in the axilla, groin, or neck, and more rarely

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inic rigidity and convulsive movements of the muscles, the pulse small,

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umbilicated, and finally the eruption pustular. The eruption aborting at

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tracts maybe seriously involved by the disease. The direction of the

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ing lethal amounts, the heart becomes flabby and relaxed,

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ventricular pacemaker, (2) patients with second- or

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the muscles so as to arrest their action. Much has been done by

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while living in the country, was attended by her doctor

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ness will suffer, and that their trade will leave them. And here, also,

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leans, La. ; to rejoin station at Cairo, III. October 23, 1889.

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28. Peninsular and Independent Medical Journal, Detroit, Michigan.

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ments with great impartiality; but it exhibits the inveterate

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It is obvious that Calmette recognizes, just as do Poncet and

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ment of its contraction. If the parietes of the heart

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omy had hernia. It would make no difference if the peritoneum were

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if the patient relaxes and extends himself. In order to have a

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akin to this may be done r In Scotland it is obtained already