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Dr. Andrew Sargent, Hopkinsville : I feel that I have no apology to

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life than by post-mortem dissection. We find that catarrh of the laiynx

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stroyed. Dr. Neale, of London, however, claims that

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there was a H — | — 1 — h Wassermann reaction. One

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organic matter by which heat or other force is made to pro-

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obtained ; the most eflScacious preparation is the bichloride of mercury, which

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febrile state, and more especially for conditions of nervous

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fore the mental state of depression or exaltation or whatever

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gery, vol. xvi, No. 3, p. 193) concludes that unilateral

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and hydrotherapy, together with the use of iron and of bromide of

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children between four and twelve years of age, and occasionally young adults,

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allude later), being well under way when it came into my hands.

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does not impair the general strength of the patient, if it is done

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which accumulated in their throats a constant rattling was

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ence of pneumonitis. Increased frequency of the respirations and dilatatioil

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sided (infantile) hemiplegia, with contracture and atrophy of the

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of Pathological Symptoms Produced on Man by Increased Atmo-

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food and habits, without change of climate." Another, "daily

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